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Why choose Kiwi Homes?

We know that building a new home can be a daunting and difficult process. Kiwi Homes will take all the hassle out of the building process so that you can enjoy the exciting aspects about building your new home. We will work with you to get the results you want so that your experience in building your dream home is a positive and memorable one for both you and your family.

Here at Kiwi Homes we engage and work alongside you to craft the new home you require. From liaising with you, to choosing a section to build on, to sitting down to design the home you want that fits in your budget and that has your personal touch. After all, it is YOUR home.


What we offer:

We pride ourselves on style, design and affordability. We have a unique style which certainly speaks for itself. We design to suit your style, budget and section.

To also put your mind at ease we also offer:

  • A fixed price guarantee
  • A pre-agreed construction time
  • A fully comprehensive specification list so there are no hidden extras or surprises
  • Building Guarantee

At Kiwi Homes we have an excellent team of local contractors that are all respected and highly valued.

In turn we have found that many of our contractors have recommended us to their friends and family, proving that reputation is everything in this business.

We are confident that people who build with Kiwi Homes will share their positive Kiwi Homes story with their friends and family, and they too will build with us if the opportunity arises.


We are determined to not only to create a family home you’ll love, but to make the whole process a positive, stress free, and exciting experience. We have a lifetime of experience in the building and property industry, so we know what it takes to build dreams.

Turning Kiwi dreams into Kiwi Homes for Kiwi Families. 

Our aim is to make the building process a stress free and enjoyable time.

You get fun jobs like designing a kitchen, and picking colours. And from start to finish, our qualified team will take care of the rest.

Design from our great starting templates. 

Every good design starts somewhere! When you meet with us, we’ll show you our initial templates so your imagination will have somewhere to start.

Remember, the sky’s the limit! 

Reputable and trusted builders. 

A lot of other building companies simply sub-contract to the cheapest builders, so they can make a bigger profit. Kiwi Homes, on the other hand, sub-contracts our work to only the best the industry has to offer, giving you peace of mind that your dream home will be exactly that.

Custom kitchens! 

If you don’t like the idea of a ‘status quo’ kitchen, or want to try something a little different, let us know! Tell us what your ideas are!

We like ‘outside the box’ thinking too, so if there’s something we can do to make your kitchen more yours, we’ll go the extra mile.

Smooth and stress-free 

We ensure the building of your dream home is smooth and stress-free. You are involved from briefing through to design, planning and construction.


Lana Knaapen

Salesperson at Blundell and Mark Realty Ltd (REAA 2008)

Hailing originally from Christchurch, Lana formally trained as an Interior Décor Consultant and initially worked for Adams Mines & Co as an interior consultant and soft furnishings specialist servicing all of their residential clients as well having a hand with some of the larger hotel projects they managed. Moving to the major firm of Dore’s […]